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How To Choose An Attorney

Choosing an attorney is a big decision. There are many things you should consider when making your choice:

  • They must be over 18 years of age
  • If you are giving someone power of attorney over property and affairs, that person must not be an undischarged or interim bankrupt person.
  • You should choose someone who you believe to be absolutely trustworthy. They will be making decisions on your behalf so it is important that you trust them and that they have the appropriate skills to make these decisions.
  • You should make sure you choose someone you have a good relationship with. It will make things much easier if you have an easy and settled relationship with the person. If you are choosing more than one attorney, you should make sure that both those people get on with each other.
  • Although you can appoint only one attorney, it is sensible to pick two. This reduces the chances of something going wrong and allows things run more smoothly if one attorney is unable to act for whatever reason.
  • You can choose a trusted friend or family member, or if you prefer, you can choose a professional advisor such as a solicitor.
  • The person(s) you choose should agree to act as your attorney and fully understand the role and duties involved.

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Last Updated: Thursday 25th April 2019