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Tick if the purchase is 'Buy to Let' or a Second Home
Selling your home
Buying a new home
Purchase Details
Tick if property to be mortgaged
Tick if the purchase is 'Buy to Let' or a Second Home
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Nicola Welbourn
Solicitor Director. Head of Conveyancing Department.
Your Guide To Moving Home

Choosing An Estate Agent

How do I choose an estate agent?

For the most part, people select an Estate Agent based on two criteria; the lowest quote and the highest valuation.  You should consider a few other factors, too.

First, look for properties for sale similar to the property you wish to sell.  Note which estate agents are selling similar properties and how many have been sold.  Ask for recommendations from friends, family and neighbours especially if they have just purchased or sold a house in your area.

Second, visit Estate Agents as a prospective buyer and see if you like the way they deal with you.

You should ideally get two quotes to compare.  Consider what additional services you would like, such as a website virtual tour or online sales tracking system.

Here are some questions you should ask an estate agent before selecting them to sell your home:

  • Do they sell many properties like mine?
  • What is the average sale price of properties like mine?
  • How long on average does it take to sell a property?
  • How many buyers are looking for properties like mine?
  • Are they a member of either the Property Ombudsman or Ombudsman Services: Property? (They must belong to one or the other).
  • What price would they market your property for?
  • What house price would they expect you to achieve?
  • Who will do the property viewings?
  • Can you have a copy of the estate agent’s contract?
  • How and where will your property be promoted?
  • Which property websites will the property be displayed on?
  • What are the agent’s charges and when do you have to pay?
  • What is the ‘lock-in’ period and how do you cancel the Contract?
  • Estate Agent charges, an outline guide

Typically, Estate Agents charge between 1% and 2% for a ‘sole agency’, where you give responsibility for selling your home to one estate agent or 1.5%-2.5% for multiple agents.  You can also get fixed deals and/or pay for extra services such as virtual tours.  Remember fees are often negotiable, especially on more expensive properties; you can tell the agent what other quotes you have had.

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Last Updated: Sunday 12th May 2019