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What Happens When A Civil Partnership Comes To An End?

As in marriage, civil partnerships must be legally dissolved if the couple decides to end the relationship. The procedures and requirements for dissolution are almost identical to that of divorce except that those wishing to end a civil partnership cannot cite adultery as a reason. Upon dissolution of the partnership. the court will make a Dissolution Order.

To dissolve a civil partnership, it must have lasted for at least one year. The court must be satisfied that the relationship has permanently broken down, to do this you need to prove one of the following facts:

  • Unreasonable Behaviour
  • Separation of 2 years or more with consent; or
  • Separation of 5 years or more
  • Desertion

A separation order can be applied for if you have been in your civil partnership for less than a year, or if you wish to separate but not dissolve the partnership. A separation order means that neither partner is free to register another civil partnership or marry until the civil partnership is dissolved. If you wish to dissolve the partnership after you have been given a separation order, you can use the same evidence.

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Last Updated: Thursday 25th April 2019