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How Is A Civil Partnership Registered?

A civil partnership is a totally civil (non-military and non-religious) procedure performed by a registrar in approved premises. In practice, the procedure and ceremonies tend to be almost identical to civil marriage.

The main difference is that you do not need to exchange vows during a civil partnership ceremony, although you can if you choose. Technically, registration takes place when both partners sign the document. With a civil marriage, the marriage takes place upon the exchange of vows and the register is signed afterwards. In practice, both ceremonies often follow the same format: exchange of vows followed by the signing of the register. Signing the civil partnership document can be private and does not have to be part of a ceremony.

To register a civil partnership, there are rules for eligibility and consent, you must give notice of your intentions and the details of each partner. The notice is published by the registration authority for a period of fifteen days. The registration can take place after this fifteen-day period, and your notice is valid for twelve months. This procedure is almost identical to that for civil marriage.

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Last Updated: Thursday 25th April 2019